Our beachy couch

Woke up this morning to a blue sky and birds chirping. Such a beautiful day!

Rob and I brought our sectional couch with us out to California and after we set it up in our living room, realized it was way too big. So, we sold it. After a really nice couple from the West side snatched it up, we were couchless for a good week. We promised ourselves that whatever couch we buy would be comfy and relatively smaller. Especially since our current living room is already small to begin with And, as you know, everything keeps falling into place and consequently, our friend Olive was selling HER couch. One we’ve seen before and liked. We bought it for a smokin’ deal and it’s rather “beachy”! It’s also a Rowe, which I hear is one of the best.



She also sold us her antique coffee table which I LOVE. I mean LOVE.



I really want to make our little home feel comfortable and cozy. And beachy. Next on my list is a couch table to put behind the couch for my glass lamps and more art for the walls.

What do you consider your house “style” to be?

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  • Reply Megan Reisig April 4, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    I love the couch. I’m sure your new place is adorable!

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