I feel so let on. Around our little cottage these past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of caterpillars. Then came the cocoons. I was anticipating a swarm of beautiful butterflies to burst out of the shells and grace us with their presence. Unfortunately, the only insects we got out of those cocoons were MOTHS.

You probably can’t see them in these pics {guess they don’t like their picture taken}, but they’re everywhere. The minute you walk out, they’re fluttering around you – or I should say ‘swarming’.

The dogs are quite entertained – chasing the moths, watching them with dreamy eyes. Us? We think they’re ugly and obnoxious. We hate them even more when they sneak into the house and hang out.

However, here is one take on moths via Urban Grace Interiors that I thought was interesting – especially when it comes to art! I guess some are pretty.

Do you have any summer annoyances?

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