Rocking out to Roxette

Friday night we took hot coffee to the beach, collected shells by the light of our iPhones and popped a squat to watch the Aptos fireworks. After the extravaganza {and my scare of seeing mer-people}, we drove back to our cottage. On the way back I started singing something so incredibly random, which included the lyrics “She’s so dangerous” {don’t ask me how I started singing this}, and it somehow sparked Rob’s memory of a Roxette song he listened to with his mom when he was younger. The song? Dangerous, by Roxette.

As we started going through their old songs and videos, I realized how many songs I knew! We bought the greatest hits CD and rocked out all weekend. I’m confident you know this group; they’re famous for “It Must Have Been Love” from Pretty Woman. But, I’m almost certain that “Dangerous” is my fave now:

What’s your favorite 80s/90s group?! Please share. I also love Wham!

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