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Scenes from Thanksgiving weekend

img_2185Hi friends. Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was as relaxing as ours. Other than having everyone over for Thanksgiving, we really didn’t do much, and it was glorious. We slept in every day, watched Home Alone and Elf a few times, clipped Black Friday coupons and chillaxed. Even got in some exercise and gender revealing. Our turkey took a little longer than we thought on Thanksgiving, which made everyone a little hangry, but once we got it all out on the feasting tables, it was like no one waited an extra 2 hours to eat, ha. We all just dug in and laughed at our epic fail. Poor Rob was so stressed about the bird he almost didn’t have an appetite. Almost;) And everyone went so long without eating that they overate and didn’t save room for dessert, which meant I got to keep the Costco pumpkin pie all to myself! WIN! 

img_2186 img_2192img_2196img_2184img_2206 img_2207 img_2208Oh, yes, and we also bought ourselves an early Christmas gift for each other: a Nespresso! We’re so European now, sipping our cappaccinos, hahaha. I love it. Makes me excited to grow old for some reason. Is that weird? And, look how many lemons and key limes our front trees are sprouting! You can’t tell but I have a whole bag full. I need to pass those babies out to the neighbors or something, don’t want them to go to waste!

img_2214 img_2213 img_2216 img_2228 img_2231 img_2244img_2240All in all, a great weekend spent with my boys. I love this memory making thing as a family. It’s so much fun.

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