Summer 2013 bucket list


It’s that time of year again — summer! Just like last summer, I wanted to make my bucket list for the coming months. A little to-do list to accomplish before the Fall. You’ll see a reoccurring theme below — it involves the word “GO!”. Here we go!

1. Plant lavender.
2. Host a Pinterest party.
3. Have a picnic at Baker Beach.
4. Frame some pictures {our walls are so horribly bare!}
5. Go to a movie on the beach.
6. Go camping – I’m resurrecting this from last year.
7. Go to Lake Tahoe.
8. Finish my reading list from last summer – and the books I’ve started this year already and haven’t finished! I’m so lame.
9. Attend a meditation session {carrying this over from last year, too}

A little less than my list from last year, but hopefully more do-able this time! :) What are your plans for the summer?

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