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Summer things not to forget

Just realized that this was still in my post queue, and crazy delayed at this point, but I’m still going to post it because I don’t want to lose the memories!!! With summer comes Father’s Day, birthdays, pool days and 120 weather. Yup. 120 degrees. No joke. As soon as June hit we started stalking out the best pools to go to (like at the Buttes!) and wearing as little clothing as possible when not in the A/C.

We also celeberate Rob’s birthday in June .. I surprised him with a babysitter so we could have a little night out. I took him to Undertow, this new, underground tiki bar in Central Phoenix. You’re only allowed 90 minutes down below in the deck, but it’s totally worth it. Only 20 or so people can fit down there, including the bartenders. It’s like stepping into the under deck of a pirate ship, no joke. So cool! The drinks were all exotic, shipwrecked related. One of Rob’s drink had cinnamon smoke coming off from it, like it was just shot from a canon. Such a blast. After we went to City Hall for some filet!

We also (of course) celebrated Father’s Day.  BOY, is Rob loved. Jace especially worships the ground he walks on and follows in every step he takes. I’m so lucky to be sharing this parenting thing with him. He’s 100x the father I thought he would be. He makes an awesome pillow fort and can play for hours, but above everything else, he loves with all his heart and loves to embrace and kiss his boys. Affection and quality time is his specialty by far. Love you, Rob.

Otherwise . . . you’ll find me breastfeeding in my air conditioned house, staring at my sweet little Walker man, or going for a quick run as early as I can.

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