This week’s joy

A fun activity to do with someone you love in lieu of Valentine’s Day.

Framing special moments. I soooo want to do this.

Martha Stewart and Avery partnership. Easy, cute labels to use for when I buy my ‘thank you’ stamp!

This brought me joy, because the same thing TOTALLY happened to me, except with a chocolate birthday cake for my sister-in-law.

My gummy vitamins. It’s like eating candy for my health.

The new Paper Source catalog. Might copy this for hand-made Valentine’s Day cards ;)

My hike with Sara, watching the LSU vs. Alabama game with Megan, walking the canal with Melissa and coffee talk with Jen. I <3 dates with my friends!

Rockstar Diaries. An adorable new blog I found.

Realizing that Underworld Awakening comes out next Friday!

Gus. This is my all-time favorite basset hound in the whole wide world and he spent the weekend with us.

As always, feel free to share what brought you joy last week!

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