This week’s joy

This past week flew by. Especially with it being my last week at work. Plus my allergies and a sinus infection have been bringing down my levels of joy. However I still found some in these below:

Our new rental in Santa Cruz. We officially have a new home in Aptos, California. Yay!

Making my Valentine’s Day treats for my co-workers. I dare say they were a hit!

Valentine’s Day with Rob. He made my favorite (spaghetti) and bought me a sweet arrangement of roses and lilies.

Watching Rob open his Valentine’s Day gift. Carrying 10 heart-shaped balloons around town was a lot of fun!

Cup of Jo posted about these firefly pics and I loved them, too.

A good post on comparing yourself to others. We’re all guilty of it, but how freeing would it be NOT to?!

New York fashion week, via The Beauty Mark.

Taylor Swift’s Safe & Sound video. Love how it incorporates Katniss’ pin. Very eerie, but I think it ties into The Hunger Games perfectly:) 1 more month to the movie!

OPI’s new Holland Collection. Perfect for Spring.

An adorable onesie via Bobo Choses.

S@#t Your Girlfriend Says. This is HA-LARIOUS. I’ve totally said some of these.

This gets me in the mood for Spring. *sigh*

Sweet Salvage with my Grandma and watching her find the best buys!

The basket of gifts my boss gave me on my last day. I’m still thinking about how amazing it was.

A night with all of our friends to say farewell (more on that to come). Our families gave very kind speeches… which made our move a little more real.  

Cupcakes and Cashmere’s interview with the WSJ. She is fabulous.

Promise Tangement Hair Guide. I would love to fluff my hair like this.

Have you heard Katie Perry’s new song? Rob has been humming the chorus all week, ha.

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