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To stay in San Francisco: Hotel des Arts

Since it was my sister’s first time in San Francisco, I wanted to find a hotel that was in the heart of everything. So, using I went searching for the most central, cost-effective and unique hotel I could find. The Hotel des Arts was exactly that!

I love that it showcases the work of local artists and serves both as an art gallery and hotel. The art was electrifying throughout and the staff was just the right amount of friendly and bubbly I love. The art in every hallway, stairway and room really made the hotel come to life and the experience rather unforgettable!

We were so excited to open the door to our bedroom, knowing how many great painted rooms the hotel had. I was hoping for a colorful room, full of life… but because I booked so late, I got the last room available and didn’t plan far ahead enough to hand-select our artist {room}. Our room’s artist was Anthony Skirvin. It wasn’t as “girly” and colorful as I had imagined it being but we DEFINITELY won’t forget it. Read the artist’s inspiration for the room here. I think it would have been beneficial to know this going into the room, ha. It was creepy and unique at the same time:

I am definitely going back to this hotel! Plus, they have free continental breakfast. It made my world.

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