Walker Jared

AZS041017cWalker001 I did not plan ahead a lot this time around, including getting a newborn shoot set up. Thankfully the hospital had a First Day photo team out to take photos and although the price wasn’t all that ideal, it was worth getting shots of Walker’s first day with us.  I’m so happy we got photos of just him, too, because his birth day is very special to us. Those first 24 hours are so precious and I’m glad we had someone there to take pictures, even if it wasn’t myself.  I’m totally going to frame the one of Rob holding him, it’s so beautiful and so simple. I’m still going to try to get some shots of Jace with Walker, or even myself, but for now, these are lovely.

AZS041017cWalker003 AZS041017cWalker005 AZS041017cWalker007 AZS041017cWalker009 AZS041017cWalker011 AZS041017cWalker013 AZS041017cWalker015 AZS041017cWalker017 AZS041017cWalker019 AZS041017cWalker021 AZS041017cWalker023 AZS041017cWalker025

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