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4 Resolutions for 2017

present-over-perfect-bookHello friends. Happy New Year! Seems I’ve celebrated quiet a few New Years on this ol’ blog. And now we’ve hit 2017. Wow. Another year alive = always a huge win! It’s been raining non stop here, which is pretty wild for us Arizonans, so I’m sipping some hot “pregnancy” tea. Gotta take advantage while I can. I’ve decided to make some resolutions for myself this year. Things I really suck at you could say. Things I really want to work on. Here goes:

  1. Cut back (a lot) on sugar, especially the bad kind. Meaning no donuts. No tropical Skittles. No chooclate bars. Not as MUCH fast food. Meaning I need to read ingredients more and stop putting so much crap into my body (and Jace’s!). I still have my eyes on one of these recipes for Valentine’s Day, but I really need to cut back. Sugar should be more of a treat when the occassion hits, and not an every day thing.
  2. Spoil a friend once a month. This blog is also about GIVING joy, and I really need to do that more. So, watch out, you might be on the list!
  3. Save money, and not spend it. Be happy with what I got. This is going to involve unsubscribing from a lot of promotional emails (which I’ve already done today, including Brickyard Buffalo >> check!). Can’t be tempted to buy stupid sh#t I really don’t need. Especially with another baby on the way. Unless Oxford Trunk alerts me that this shirt is back in stock of course, which I don’t think will EVER happen :((
  4. And last, and probably the biggest – stop trying to please others. Find my center, whatever that looks like.  Be smarter about who I spend my time with and where my energy goes. Flat out say no and stop trying to please everyone. This book has been rocking my outlook on life lately (best Christmas gift ever, Rob!) and articles like this.

Hopefully this isn’t too much for me to work on this year. #1 and #4 might be the hardest .. wish me luck!

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  • Reply Heather January 2, 2017 at 9:42 am

    I <3 your resolutions! I'll join you in #1… that's a tough one for me, too.

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