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Summer is here in central Cal and I’ve got my reading list ramped up. I’ve only purchased a couple, the others have been sitting on my shelves, patiently waiting for me to read them.

50 Shades of Grey – powering through this for the sake of the two groups of ladies I’m reading this with. Let’s see if it gets any better.

Games of Thrones – reading with a fellow Harry Potter enthusiast. Already two chapters in and very intrigued! Heard the HBO show is pretty enthralling, too.
The Time Traveler’s Wife – I’ve seen the movie but have been dying to read the book. Heather says it’s life-changing.
The Olive Farm – a memoir I picked up in Santorini when I book swapped at our villa. Brought it home all the way from Greece so might as well read it!
Chocolat – another I’ve always wanted to read.
What are you reading this summer?  Please share!
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