A day all to myself


I actually have some time to sit down and write right now! So, hi! Today is Monday, and I took the day off for myself. I slept in ’til 7:30am, took my time getting up with Jace, made us breakfast, watched some Sesame Street.  Then, took Jace to day care. I came back and deep cleaned my bathrooms (which is seriously the most therapatuic exercise if you ask me), made myself a meaty sandwhich with some jalepeno kettle chips .. went and got my hair did, shopped for new earrings, and picked up my favorite from Bahama Bucks – the strawberry colada. I was going to do Pure Barre, then decided nah, it’s my day. No need to sweat. I’m about to paint my nails in silence and go pick up my baby boy. I still call him that. Although my hair outing was a little stressful (there were 5 women working on my hair at once!), I still had a pretty enjoyable day, treating myself to some play time of my own. All this day needs is some rose and I’d be set. Good thing the day’s not over ;)  Have you ever taken a day off work for yourself? If not, I highly recommend it. The secret is to not plan too much. Don’t use your day running around doing things you could do on the weekend. Take it for all its worth!



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