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A night of water coloring with Modern Moni

Last week I was desperate to do something creative. Something where I didn’t have to use my brain. When you work all week, and are required to be “on” for 8 hours a day, you start craving some down time to let your mind relax.  To just decompress. For me, it involves doing something creative. Like block-printing, making a pineapple pinata or planting a succulent frame .. just to name a few. It’s so wonderful to try something new and get artsy. And water coloring with Modern Moni at the Bloguettes studio in Phoenix sounded like the most perfect night. I didn’t even go with anyone; I just went right after work and turned my brain off for a couple hours. I barely even talked to anyone, ha. I poured myself some iced tea that the miss Teaspressa served and water colored away. I must admit, one of the bigger reasons I booked this class was the possibility of water painting a pineapple. And, we did!! Ha. My creative night was complete.

IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5327 That’s Modern Moni herself (Monica) there at the front of the class in the blue. She is the sweetest little thing in the world. And so incredibly talented. If you haven’t seen her work you need to.  She does custom prints, portraits and all kinds of fabulous prints you can buy for kids or for your home office. Everything she does will inspire you. Her water coloring skills are amazing .. from donuts to giraffes to flamingos … so modern and so perfectly blended.


IMG_5331 IMG_5338Also, all of the beautiful flowers scattered throughout the studio were donated by The Florette. The only mobile floral boutique in Phoenix. Such lovely flowers to look at all night (and paint!).

IMG_5336I sat next to these girls and was so happy to take a picture with them at the end of the night:)) My popsicles were not as beautiful as theirs so I held up my pineapple .. ! Such a fun night. A great thing for a girls or momma’s night out. So relaxing and freeing. I am REALLY digging the water coloring thing and really would love to practice at home. But yet again, I’m still waiting to find time to try my hand at calligraphy and that has yet to happen, a year later. I still have all my nibs, in their original packaging. Ha. Should tell me something. Thank you, Blogquettes, Teaspressa, The Florette and MODERN MONI for such a colorful and creative night.



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