Gadzooks Enchiladas & Soups

thumb_IMG_6582_1024I have one word for you. GADZOOKS!!!! If I haven’t said it enough, I’m going to say it again. I have a serious obsession with the enchilada. I L-O-V-E enchiladas. LOVE. Particularly home-cooked ones that involve slow-cooked pork or chicken. Or a lot of cheese and green chile sauce. Oh, my mouth is starting to water just thinking about it. A little missy from my work introduced me to Gadzooks by our office in Phoenix and I’ve been hooked ever since. Plus, they have misters and Dos Equis. I of course ordered the pork. And their home-made cornbread. It’s all so good; I can’t even handle it. And while you wait in line there is bound to be someone talking your ear off about their chopped salad or mashed potatoes or their hand-smashed guacamole, or basically anything on the menu.  Here are some moments from this past Friday’s family dinner out after work! We ate our hearts out (and picked our noses apparently, ha!)


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