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A whole 10 minutes at a “Splash Pad”

IMG_5575Families around these parts go pretty crazy for the “splash pads” around town = slabs of cement that shoot water out of the ground for kids’ enjoyment. It’s similar to when kids used to run through the backyard sprinklers, but instead of grass, they’re running on cement. A PAD of cement to be more exact. Literally. Anyways, knowing how much Jace loves water, I was interested to see what all the hype was about. On Saturday we went to Riverview Park in Mesa. Not really sure it was the best thing for a toddler, but all the other kids were having a total blast, and I knew Jace would be in heaven no matter what. Jace can’t be trusted to his own feet just yet, so poor Rob had hand-holding, splash pad duty. No way I was going to get wet (I’m holding out for the 112 degree day to go splash pad crazy myself). They both got soaked. After the first towel dry (little boy was a little cold), we decided for one last walk through, in which Jace, trying to run like the other kids, tripped and fell quickly straight on his face. On the cement. Not cool. My fault I guess for taking a toddler to a “splash pad”, but cement?! Really, Mesa? Can’t opt for any other kind of surface for this splash pad?! Like something spongey or with better drainage? But cement is everywhere so what can I expect. It must be used for a reason.  I’m going to stay optimistic though, knowing how ridiculously hot it’s about to get here. I hear Tempe Beach Park’s “splash pad” is King to all the others, so we may try that one later this summer, when Jace isn’t still in clumsy mode. With that said, we lasted all of 10 minutes on this splash pad (of cement) lol .. we literally spent more time parking, changing, applying sunblock and towel drying than on the actual splash pad. hilarious.

IMG_5576IMG_5578 IMG_5581How do you like them boogers?!

IMG_5583Jace really has no fear. He wanted to run so bad like all the other kids and would put himself right in the action. I’m so happy he’s ready to take on life. And pain. Ha.


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  • Reply Nichole May 28, 2015 at 5:01 am

    Love the pictures! He’s such a little cutie! Booger picture priceless!!

  • Reply Jessi Kerr May 29, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Hey Cheryl,
    I know the splashpad at the zoo has a softer sponge-like surface. My mom got Haakon a membership for his 1st bday, so we tried it out and he loved it. Of course, going to the zoo during these hot upcoming months probably won’t be the best thing, but it gives hope that other splashpads have softer surfaces than cement!

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