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The Teapot

The-teapot-phoenix-arizonaThis past Sunday I went to the most darling coffee house in the Roosevelt district in Phoenix, called The Teapot. We know the owners, Jon and Rae, from years ago .. and I must tell you, I think it’s our new favorite hang out! As soon as you walk in, Jon welcomes you with a cheery “ELLO” (in his friendly british accent) and a smile. He makes a point to say hello to your little one, too (which us Mommas really appreciate).  You take a step in and see play nooks, and toys and drawing tables all around — beautiful, simplistic seating for meet cutes, and in case the place wasn’t cute enough, they went ahead and threw in succulent centerpieces to finish off the cuteness. Their menu consists of home-made, English-inspired plates (in which his mother-in-law bakes and delivers fresh), including refreshing salads, savory quiches and fluffy scones .. I ordered the raspberry coconut scone with a side of cream and it was to-die-for, but not as good as the crowd’s favorite = their highly sought after vanilla iced latte! Very popular amongst the mommy folk I hear .. ;)  Seriously amazing, and so refreshing. The most marvelous coffee you’ll ever taste (better than Dutch Bros, and that’s hard to beat in my mind). Anyways, back to my story .. I met my friend Kristin for a very early breakfast date. 8am to be exact, just as they opened their front doors. The best part of this family-friendly coffee house?! Their back patio! 

the-teapot-phoenix-arizonaJace went crazy for the back patio. He went down the slide (like a million times), rode the balance bike, splashed in their mini pool, mingled with some new kiddos and because I can’t keep this kid out of harm’s way, scuffed up his knees and elbows a little bit riding and bouncing on all over the place :( All Jace wants to do is jump off porches! Every day it’s like I’m on Survivor, but it’s the one where you don’t care if you survive, as long as your child does! ha.

the-teapot-phoenix-arizona-playhouseIMG_1162-1And they have photo-op backdrops, picnic tables .. blankets to lounge on. I really should have took a whole stream of back yard shots, next time for sure.



Last perk?! They host all kinds of events for little ones. Like Sing and Play yoga, “Camp Teapot” nights, art projects (the last one they painted rocks like cacti!), Sign & Story time, lady craft nights, and coming soon, a Mad Hatter tea party!  … I’ll also be attending their pop-up vendor party, coming up in November. Follow them on Facebook to see all their exciting events coming up. Jon and Rae, you’ll be seeing a lot of us. Next time I’m coming with my GOOD camera! LOVE your new endeavor and don’t be surprised if I apply for a PT job :)


{Photo credit at the top goes to The Teapot!}

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  • Reply Heather June 7, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Would this be a good spot for your next baby shower…??? Hmmmmm

  • Reply Sis June 7, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    How fun!! How have I not heard of this hidden little gem!!

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