A morning at the Pineapple Triangle

IMG_5659This past weekend I went with some of my girls (+ little Maivyn Bell) to the Pineapple Triangle craft market at The Coft Downtown in Phoenix. . I’ve never seen so many pineapple things in my life. It was glorious. Pineapple prints, pineapple shirts, pineapple charms and necklaces  .. the items go on. Live music, local artisans GALORE .. so much to browse and ask into. I went a little crazy. It was the perfect morning supporting our local artists and business owners. Very inspiring. If I had more time in my schedule, I would so take a jewelry making class. Ever since I got back to Arizona, I’ve been craving bronze and teal jewelry. It’s such the balance between the southwest and beach. I did splurge on a wood print by Rufus Salvaged Goods, for my wall project I’m working on at home and some jewelry gifts.  My girls also took home some wonderful pieces. I will definitely be keeping up with the Pineapple Triangle and any other events they host in the near future. So impressed!

IMG_5675IMG_5679IMG_5682IMG_5680The famous mobile floral boutique, the Florette!

IMG_5676IMG_5670IMG_5674Loved the chandeliers!

IMG_5664IMG_5668I would say my sister loved Teaspressa‘s take on a vanilla latte!

IMG_5672Loved it all!

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