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Another year

I just want to say that I think I had the best birthday EVER this year. Turning 28 was a lot more fun than I thought it’d be. Our night started with a little pre-show VIP gathering at Jack & Kristin’s for root beer float, whipped cream vodka martinis and mingling. Doesn’t Kristin have the best hand-writing?


My sweet Sarah made it out before her flight to New Jersey in the morning (yay!).

The boys and their scotch.


(Thanks Kristin for the pics!)

After we headed to B.A.D. (Bingo After Dark) Bingo at the Lone Butte Casino in Chandler. My friend Kristin stocked us with glow bands, and me with a tiara, lei and flashing rings. We had front-row seating to the bingo fun and dance floor and I’m pretty sure I danced more than I daubed my Bingo sheets. We all got pretty into it. Bingo was $7, the dauber $1 and the music was FREE (and non-stop)!! Pretty cheap outing if you ask me! Don’t mind these iPhone, no-flash pics, please:



I’m so thankful to have such amazing friends. They’re really the best.

A week later I was able to really dive into my birthday money. I’m very proud of how I spent it, too. Four pairs of shoes sounds about right ;)

But my favorite birthday gift of all may have been our new old-school dryer – given to us free from a friend’s neighbor. No more crispy towels! No more hanging clothes out on the line! We can do laundry in one night if we need to. It was the perfect birthday gift.

I’m in love with my friends!

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  • Reply WannabeRunner October 17, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Love the pictures – glad you had a wonderful birthday!! :)

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