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Maternity leave is da bomb

IMG_3369The title says it all. I love maternity leave. Every minute of it. This time around Rob hasn’t had any time off, but that’s OK. I’m just fine having Walker allll to myself. Dropping Jace off at daycare still stings and breaks my heart, but I know the routine and activity during the day with his friends is better for him than watching me breastfeed all day. I do take my time in the morning with the boys though and don’t rush, which is nice. I get some extra time in with Jace and do breakfast and some play time, and then by the time Rob is home, we sort of do a little hand off and I’m with Jace and he’s with Walker, and back and forth. We’re constantly trying to balance the two to make sure we spend time with both boys.

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Walker at 1 month

Our little Walkman is 4 weeks old already?! What! Oh, how time flies. This lovebug of ours is already wearing 3mo clothes, eats all the time, sleeps and poops a lot and just loves staring at everything around him. He can already hold his head up really good, and is always kick kick kicking! Loves to be walked around and snuggling in bed with Mom. He hates the swaddle and wants his hands free at all times, ha. He’s a rockstar at breastfeeding, and is already over 10lbs. Growing more by the minute! His hair is definitely dark, almost red when the light hits it just right. I can’t stop kissing his cheeks and smelling his head, hahaha. His thighs and feetsies are also my favorite. Still can’t believe he’s here and that we have a second child! Love you sweetheart. Embracing all the happy tears I feel 20x a day!


Does this not scream summer?

IMG_3471This is Jace and one of his best buds, Henry.  Henry’s mom texted me these photos the other day and my heart just about melted. It doesn’t get much better than this. A warm afternoon, hanging with your best friend. There is so much summer in this photo I can’t stand it. I love these two together!

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Scenes from Easter

IMG_3387 Easter was a good one for us this year. God graced us with another healthy boy, and we had a lot ot rejoicing to do in the meaning of the day. That we are saved forever. And we have the love of our family around us. Again I say, we are so blessed. We planned a little Easter egg hunt for Jace in the morning before family arrived. My parents brought over a huge Easter feast of ham and scalloped potatoes and lobster ravioli, and more.  We also got out our blow-up pool out for Jace. Rob’s Dad stopped over for the second part of the day with more basket goodies for Jace. It was a wonderful day, but also a very long and tiring day, ha.

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Walker Jared

AZS041017cWalker001 I did not plan ahead a lot this time around, including getting a newborn shoot set up. Thankfully the hospital had a First Day photo team out to take photos and although the price wasn’t all that ideal, it was worth getting shots of Walker’s first day with us.  I’m so happy we got photos of just him, too, because his birth day is very special to us. Those first 24 hours are so precious and I’m glad we had someone there to take pictures, even if it wasn’t myself.  I’m totally going to frame the one of Rob holding him, it’s so beautiful and so simple. I’m still going to try to get some shots of Jace with Walker, or even myself, but for now, these are lovely.

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