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Just going to preface, that this is me looking back because I realized I had a million blog drafts in my queue! This was me and Callen, sitting in a tree, all maternity leave long! This precious newborn stage was just that. Precious. And I ate him right up. He’s of course 9 months now (whoah!), but still as precious as ever. Tiny and active, and happy and cuddly. We were so blessed to have such a love bug for our third. Thank you, God! Maternity leave the third time around was just as magical as the other two. Thankfully this time around I had a speedy recovery, and Rob at home for most of the leave to tackle all three kiddos with. And this time, Jace wasn’t questioning whether or not we still loved him. He was the big, proud brother, and was thrilled. Walker was so busy that he barely noticed a new baby. Which meant I got to soak up Callen even more and not feel too guilty about the lack of attention on the other two. But, seriously. Maternity leave is the bomb. Or what I like to call, my best robe life. I love robes. I’m a rober. Are you? If not, I highly recommend it. Even if you don’t get to take maternity leave. Just buy one. Of course, it’s not all chill, it’s also a lot of work getting to know your newborn, breastfeeding all day, soothing, rocking, half sleeping, etc. But man, if it isn’t the sweetest time you’ll have with your children. It’s sacred. Well, here’s to me posting pictures I don’t ever want to forget! These are so special to me. 

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