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Bath time fun

thumb_IMG_0377_1024Bath time at our house is pretty serious; we like to get crazy. And we’ve found that it’s super important to mix it up. Jace gets bored with the same stuff, so we like to bring out something new each week. Toys definitely lose their zeal, and get grungy and watered out. And I say the more colorful the better! Here are some of our current faves:

  1. Favorite soap – Babyganics Night Time baby; also currently trying their Chamomile Verbana.
  2. Color swirl twistable crayons
  3. Bathtime fingerpaint
  4. Bath Color Dropz 
  5. Body wash pens
  6. Elmo and Cookie Monster luffas
  7. Water balloons – these Groovy soakers are my favorite! We also like the water grenades ;)
  8. Squirt guns
  9. Fishing!
  10. Toys wise, we were pretty obsessed with this Disney cars set.


IMG_0565 thumb_IMG_0390_1024 IMG_0563 IMG_0564

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