Canon photo challenge

When I first bought my camera, I took a 30-day Canon Photo Challenge to help get familiar with it and all its settings. I forgot I did this until I ventured back into my Flickr account today and saw all the pictures I first took with my camera . . . {before I left it out all night in the pouring rain; before I scratched up the lens in Europe; and before I lost a few lens caps.} I’m in DIRE need of a new camera lens. So, what’s your favorite camera lens? Or, your “go-to” lens? Please share! I’m still thinking about getting the nifty fifty. Anyway – here were some of my favorite pictures from those first few months with my Canon:
Man. That Arizona sunset is to die for.
And while perusing my old Tumblr blog {which is so fun to look back at; I didn’t realize how much I day-dreamed about California}, I saw this.
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