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Playing around with my 50mm lens, finally!

IMG_1022IMG_1020IMG_1000IMG_1003IMG_1005Miss Heather bought me a “nifty fifty” 50mm lens for my birthday .. last year. And ridiculous me just finally got it out to start playing around with it! (Plus, I broke my other lens and it’s currently being held at Tempe Camera, so this is all I got right now!) I’m still a long ways out from knowing how to get every shot perfect, but I felt pretty pleased with these here. Might as well get a close-up of Jace’s rash-y chin, hahahaha. I tell ya, I just can’t get rid of it. Poor boy is such a drooler, still! Even at 20 months.

More picture-taking practicing to come! Oh, and also .. if you are a photographer yourself, what other lens do you like? Do you have a nifty fifty lens?

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Our day with Renee Fox Photography

When Jace was 8 days old, we went over to my friend, Renee’s, home studio to take some newborn pictures! I’ve always wondered how these were done, since most of the newborn pictures I see are of babies sleeping and peaceful, all curled up in weird positions. Miss Renee knew all the secrets to make our little boy cozy and happy, with heated blankets, white noise makers, space heaters and ssshhhing. Maybe a little too well. . . . we sure did have a lot of *accidents*. Baby boy first peed on Daddy. Then, when we moved him to the couch he peed on that, too. We felt so bad! I had requested close-up shots of all his little features and she did just that {even some of his newborn peach fuzz}! Thank you, Renee, for capturing such sweet pictures of our little boy {I promise to include some couch cleaner in our thank you gift!}. I don’t want this newborn phase to end and will cherish these photos for life.  Here are a few of my favorites:

{our little fox!}
 {This was before he pooped all over the cheese cloth and blanket below, hahaha.}
{I love his toesies!}
{Father & son holding hands, so sweet}
{You can find Renee Fox Photography on Facebook. She’s such a wonderful person, and soon to be midwife!}

Canon photo challenge

When I first bought my camera, I took a 30-day Canon Photo Challenge to help get familiar with it and all its settings. I forgot I did this until I ventured back into my Flickr account today and saw all the pictures I first took with my camera . . . {before I left it out all night in the pouring rain; before I scratched up the lens in Europe; and before I lost a few lens caps.} I’m in DIRE need of a new camera lens. So, what’s your favorite camera lens? Or, your “go-to” lens? Please share! I’m still thinking about getting the nifty fifty. Anyway – here were some of my favorite pictures from those first few months with my Canon:
Man. That Arizona sunset is to die for.
And while perusing my old Tumblr blog {which is so fun to look back at; I didn’t realize how much I day-dreamed about California}, I saw this.
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Dress-up with Charlie Groen

These were taken FOREVER ago, but after sorting through some old photos on my computer, I came across these pics and was reminded of how colorful this day was! Charlie wanted to practice with her camera and I wanted to put my wedding dress on again. We went into downtown Phoenix for some random shots – here were my favorites!

Photographer: Charlie Groen
Location: Phoenix, Arizona