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Mother’s Day on hidden beach

I loved going around town this past weekend with Jace and Rob and hearing strangers wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. I obviously know I’m a mom now, but to hear others acknowledge it is surreal! I love that I have a mini person. I love when he locks eyes with me and smiles. I love that I carried him for 9 months. I love when he nestles into my nook for cuddles. I pretty much love being a Mom. Jace’s Mom. And it’s only going to get better. For Mother’s Day this year, we went to one of our favorite beaches here in Santa Cruz: hidden beach. I sure do feel prettier when I have a base tan, so I wanted to get my tan on. We packed a little picnic, Jace’s toys, our beach tent and spent most of the day soaking up the California sunshine. The beach was so white and clean. The breeze was warm. The water was gorgeous. It was the most perfect day with my two men. To all you mommas out there, hope you had a nice Mother’s Day!

{He only got fussy a couple times. Nothing we can’t handle though ;)}
{Did I foresee this or what?! Jace is totally a mini Rob}
{more of that watermelon beer — obsessed! Pardon my boobs.}
Aptos, beach house

Our upstairs patio

Yes, Spring is in the air, but even better, my upstairs patio is in bloom! The same blooms I saw in Sonoma last year with my Mom for her birthday {!}. They smell amazing and I’m still trying to figure out what they are. I took a chair up and read my book while little boy slept. It was lovely. Spring just got more fabulous around here.







{not to mention my Jasmine is in full bloom, too. Heaven.}
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39 weeks


{I love him so much}




With the Mavericks going on here in Santa Cruz, the waves lately in Rio Del Mar have been pretty rip-roaring. We’ve been leaving our bedroom sliding door open at night just slightly so we can listen to the crashing of the waves as we fall asleep. I woke up the other morning thinking the waves were crashing up against our house they sounded that close! We took a little stroll to the beach Sunday night, and what a gorgeous night. We’ve been talking a lot about the kind of parents we want to be, and we really can’t wait. It’s scary as h*ll, but we’re in it together. 1 week to go now! In the meantime you can find me at our beach house, anxiously awaiting for something to happen  . . . agh!


New Year’s day

On New Year’s Day, we decided to go for a long bike ride to enjoy the beautiful day.  We also decided to make a resolution to spend more time at the beach! It’s less than a mile from our house and we just don’t get down to it enough. Heck, isn’t that why we moved here?! I foresee more beach walks in 2014 {with a stroller?!} and beach days once the temps heat up. I have so many surfer outfits for this baby boy – so we clearly have to spend more time at the beach! Wishing you all the best this year . .  xoxoxo

Aptos, Baby J, Pregnancy

Sunset walk

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. Rob made a new friend, we did some yard work. Sat by the fire at night, bought a pumpkin pie. Did some reading. It was absolutely marvelous. I decided I needed some exercise so we wrapped up our weekend with a sunset walk, with some stair-stepping!


{my plumeria plant doesn’t want to live. Too cold here!}
{I found a gorgeous flower garden down the road from us, in someone’s backyard! Jealous.}




{my rad lover ;) }



{28 week bump . .}