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Aptos, Cher Joy

So lucky to have this guy

In case I haven’t said it, my Dad is one great guy. While my man was in Hawaii, he came out to the Cruz to keep me company. Although my energy levels still aren’t where they used to be, we sure did a lot! I couldn’t have us very well sit around and do nothing when the weather here right now is absolutely gorgeous {finally}! I made sure we ate good and did some things he wanted to do – like golf, bonfire on the beach and watch football. When I wanted to be a couch potato he was a couch potato. He even went to Tacoma’s dog training with me, which trust me, is a big deal – my Coma is a handful. The sunsets here on the coast have been perfect lately. So many colors to watch. We made a lot of memories together this past weekend:)





Aptos, Family, Santa Cruz

The coolest father-in-law

I am truly so blessed to have such a cool, easy-going, fun father-in-law. He came in for the weekend and we had the BEST time with him. I thought we’d wear him out, but it turned out he wore US out! Ha. He is one of the kindest and loving people I know.

{took him to Panda Inn – Chinese is his favorite}

{lots of basketball, O’Doul’s and chillaxin on the couch. He even watched The Hunger Games with me:)}


{Arboretum for Hummingbird Days}

{18 holes of golf late into the night. I was on cloud 9 when the owls starting hooting on hole 16. This man sure can drive a ball – and cart race!}

{a belated birthday celebration over donuts and coffee}


{Sunday we took him to our church and he said he felt like he was home again – happy for that!}



How I have lived here a year and not ventured through the Seascape Beach Resort I will never know. It’s a BEAUTIFUL spot for a bike ride and beach day, and it’s right in our back yard! We fought the hills coming back but it was worth it.

{Palapas is AMAZING.}
Aptos, Rio Del Mar

Coffee date in Rio Del Mar

Saturday we woke up to birds chirping and felt the urge to go down to the beach. Rio Del Mar has a great path along the beach for long walks with coffee in hand – cute beach bars, cute beach houses and lots of drift wood {which is great since I’m collecting it for a project at home}. It’s definitely one of our favorite beaches. If you want to get out of a coffee shop or the house, take coffee somewhere local where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! It’s so fun.




The beach after a storm

The storm that hit Santa Cruz came and went. After the rain stopped and the clouds cleared, we ventured out for a walk on the beach to collect shells and this is what it looked like.

Pretty beautiful.