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Part I: A cactus wall for my southwest nursery

One day, on Pinterest or Instagram (where ever) I saw this cactus mural wallpaper. And then I realized that it cost over $400 to purchase enough for one wall. Being who I am, I couldn’t stomach spending that much money on wall paper. Or just really, PAPER. So, I decided to recruit my creative friend Kristin to help me do it myself, by hand! We first tried a stencil on cardboard, but that was going to take all day. Then I decided to just go at it by hand completely. We mixed some of the paint and then started swirling and sponging and dabbing paints over my sketched cactus spears!

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Diaper butt

I was going to title this blog post “white sheets” because I was excited about clean white sheets and a clean baby, but then I got lost in little Jace’s butt. Every time I’d try to get a shot of his face, he’d flip onto his belly. He’s really into laying on his stomach and pushing his butt into the air. I think someone is getting ready to crawl!! . . And I gotta give it to The Honest Company. They have the cutest dang diapers around. I mean, woodland creatures printed on diapers? Really?! Love.