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Jack & Winn Snapbacks

Jack & Winn Snapbacks Hat for toddlers
I came across the most wonderful thing the other day on Brickyard Buffalo == Jack & Winn Baby/Toddler/Child snapbacks!! Not sure what a snapback is? Well, you’re not alone. I just recently learned the term, believe it or not. This song will help. Anyway .. I ordered the grey hat for Jace and have seriously been in love ever since. It’s ridiculously perfect. Can’t. handle. the. cuteness. Jack & Winn, you make some darling little boy hats. Heck, they’re even fun for little girls! The little tomboy that I was would have loved a snapback in my heyday. Might need to get this black one for him next, since Jace is SUPER into wearing hats. He loves them. Well, for now, enjoy these #jaceface pics! ;)

Jack & Winn Baby Toddler Child SnapBacks


My favorite instagrammers

Hello friends, and happy new year!  I thought I’d start off the year by sharing some of my favorite Instagrammers with you. The people I follow for inspiration, or simply for fun, ha. Here they are (there’s a lot of them!):

Sarah Slowe – stylist, living the dream. I’m officially adding a floral maxi to my spring wardrobe .. so beautiful.

Cold Cup of Tea – designer living the simple life. Who would have thought to make a garland with baked citrus?!

Erika Powell – interior designer and momma. I look forward to her Friday favorites, when she posts them.

Lauren Atkins – wife of Thomas Rhett, whooooo I’d totally be friends with, ha. Have you seen her hubby’s music video with her in it? So adorable.

Riawna Capri – master of celebrity hair and fun. Also currently obsessing over Hair by Chrissy here in Gilbert (!)

Waiting Dogs – saw this tagged in one of Heather’s posts and now I look forward to seeing all the little (and big) waiting dogs of Instagram.

Erin Mayshed – great hair and home ideas. Her little girl finger painted thank you cards for her. Brilliant.

A Beautiful Mess – they make me want to paint an outdoor patio wall coral or bright teal. Plus, they do a lot with pineapples ;)

Sonnet James – palo alto entrepreneur of dresses for playful moms. Jelly!

Tashauna Shae – love her name, and her sweet soul (even if I only see her through IG)

Michiel Huisman – um. Have you seen this man?! Game of Thrones. Age of Adeline. His name is MichIEl.

Jessica Seinfield – LOVELOVELOVE her and her humor. She really makes me want to use more coconut oil. And eat more grapefruit.

Joy Williams –  would die to see this woman perform live. Her voice is so beautiful.

Ayesha Curry –  foodie, momma and wifey to Stephen Curry. Love her dubsmashes (what is that btw? How do you even do it!?).

Traveling Gold – 4 girls on a mission to travel to as many places as possible. So much travel inspiration! Bora Bora is calling my name.

And I don’t know about you, but I looove cozy-ing up on the couch and checking my Instagram at the end of the day. Usually after a work-out or putting Jace to bed. OH, and here’s me doing just that, hahahahaha. Rob caught me!

cher-joy-blog my favorite instagrammersI would love to hear your favorites!!! Who am I missing out on?!


Putting a great podcast to use

Debbie Millman Simon Sinek
When I get sick of the top hits on repeat on every station on my morning commute, I normally switch on a podcast. Design Matters is usually my first go-to for some inspiration for my work day ahead. Do you ever listen to it? If not, you should! Debbie Millman’s voice is beautiful. I could listen to it all day. The latest podcast was an interview with Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why .. Before listening to this, I had no idea who he was, but I tell you, I’ve never been more inspired to be a leader and to put my d*mn phone down. He talks about how managing people is different from leading people. That you should treat your employees more like children .. You wouldn’t fire your child. You’d encourage them and mentor them, and support them along the way. He also spoke of the “D” generation or the depression generation, those who get so lost in the unreality that is Facebook and Instagram that it makes them depressed, always comparing.  Isn’t it the truth? And the idea of social media now crossing the line into addiction and the rush of dopamine that accompanies “likes”, comments, etc. that feed the addiction. There is so much more to the podcast, he talks about his new book and finding your why, you just have to listen to it! And he also encourages you to put your phone down when at the table with friends. To truly give someone your utmost attention.

So, one day last month, when I had some time set aside with my friend Kristin, I put that one tip to use. We chatted all night, uninterrupted by phones and TV. We did brunch the next morning and just kept talking. It was so wonderful to talk about everything under the sun. I didn’t even bring my phone to the table. No need. I wanted to give my friend my full attention. Now, I just need to remember to do this when I get home!



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We love our Dutch Bros.

thumb_IMG_6932_1024Our favorite thing to do on the weekend is get up early and take the bikes to Dutch Brothers here in Gilbert. We live right down the block from one. They sure do treat us well there. And they’re always so happy and full of life. I get the vanilla iced latte, Rob gets an iced coffee with a triple shot and honey .. and Mr. Jace gets the strawberry smoothie, with extra whip ;) After we wait in line and dance to the techno music, we normally take a few sips  and then continue our bike ride down to Gilbert for the splash pad. It’s truly the best way to get charged up for the weekend if you ask me. And the sky was so pretty this day. Not too hot or sunny, just the right amount of sweat, ha. If you don’t already follow Dutch Bros. on Instagram, you should.  I follow their Arizona Insta too.




I just signed up for We Cook (!!)

we-cook-kit-9b7301472591f1df55f6b0cb05e3d53fI’ve been DYING to know what Baby Boy Bakery has been secretly working on and the minute I found out about her new site and monthly We Cook kits, I pre-ordered and subscribed for 12 months. Whole heartedly. Then I spent most of the night visiting every page on her new website and looking at pictures of sweet Ryan. Jacqui, if you ever read this, I think you are so strong and so brilliant. I cry often about Ryan and for you and Dan; we think of you almost every week and keep you in our prayers. And I’m so happy that you want to share your recipes and tips with us moms out here so we can find joy in cooking with our own littles. To take that love for Ryan and what you shared in the kitchen together, to then share it out with the world so we can experience the same thing. Wow. You are one amazing woman. Ryan is very proud of you.  I can’t wait for the first kit to arrive in November … Jace is going to loooove the fruit roll-ups. And I’m already hoping for a smoothie recipe kit! ;) I’m also excited for the free recipe binder (so cute!). For more about We Cook, visit Jacqui’s newly launched Baby Boy Bakery website and also spend some time looking over Ryan’s cute face here.

Congrats Baby Boy Bakery!!!!