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The Summer To Do list

At the start of summer we decided to plan out a monster to-do list for our little family, filled with new and old things we like to do. But looking back a lot of time was spent at our little rental house here in the Cruz, playing on the patio, making pillow forts, having balloon parties, picking blackberries on our street and riding bikes in the neighborhood.

   On National best friends day I enjoyed some brunch and patio time with none other than my bestie, Heather. And seriously, every occasion is just better when Ironhorse is being poured. It’s our fave. I love this gal so much and wished we could hang out even more cuz hell I live here in Cali again after all!   Rob and Jace took a trip up to Washington to go camping at a site he used to camp at with his Boompa and Uncle when he was a child; it was also where his family decided to spread the ashes of his late Grandfather (Boompa).  A very emotional and impactful weekend but a special one nonetheless. I’m so thankful my husband has these people as his people. And Jace is quite fond of his Uncle Ted (aka Kevin) and his Aunt Tara and their coffee chats.We also ventured back to Arizona during my maternity leave for some birthday celebrations and my sister’s baby shower. Good times spent with family and friends and we got to pass around the babies and even have a date night at our favorite place – Angry Crab. Although we didn’t even make it through the movie after because we were ready to see our babes again so soon. Loved seeing new babies and new family as well.  

Then we were back in California just in time for the 4th and holiday parade at La selva beach with our good friends. Our cool, slightly older, neighbors even invited us over for an awesome BBQ with all their friends. It was so sweet of them. Somehow we also luck out with awesome neighbors wherever we go. We set off small fireworks in our backyard and lit sparklers, to which Walker continued to try to blow out with his lips and spit, hahaha.   A little golf practice with Dad at the local driving range. This wasn’t on our list but darn if they’re just not the cutest best buds around! The swimming hole up in Felton opened and we went with Heather early one Saturday to enjoy the water; they even had a kiddie pool section for the kids, which was super easy. Watch out for the gun show people!  I also finally got to go to OutsideLands in San Francisco!! Heather was planning to go with her Mom and Aunt/Uncle so I totally joined in and had a blast. It was so much more than I expected. We only went up for one day to see Janet Jackson but I wish I would have opted for a second day. There is so much to do and see and EAT! Maybe next time for sure. I just have never been somewhere like that before. Everyone just loving life and music and good food and wine. No drama, no drunken fights, just chill people all day. I truly felt like I had gone back in time with all the bell bottoms and other past time styles that were coming back. Such a fun day with my bestie! Summertime here in Santa Cruz also means retro nights at the boardwalk! Instead of a movie on the Boardwalk, Rob and Jace decided to play and ride rides and eat Boardwalk food, corn dog in all! Their obvious favorite thing to do on the boardwalk is the basketball shooting game. They came home with 2 basketballs that night! Rob’s Mom and sister came to visit this Summer, too! We loved having them in town to soak up the sun at the pool and the beach. Grandma captured this picture of Rob with Callen. So sweet. Will have to post more pictures of our visit together when I can pull all the photos together. 

Man, I felt like our summer was just jam packed. We did so much! And this wasn’t even all of it. I could just keep posting if you let me. But nonetheless, summer ended. With a little posion oak for Jace, some tired as hell parents, Callen fully out of the newborn stage and Walker has fierce and wild as ever. Big win in our books!

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