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10 years!

On March 9th, we celebrated 10 years of marriage. 10 years! 8 rentals, 1 mortgage,  10 jobs, 5 cars, 3 moves across states, 2 dogs (only 1 now) and almost 3 kids later .. we’re still at it! And I couldn’t be more thankful for my husband and partner and best friend. He’s the most selfless man I know, and even through the ups and down, the tears of joy and tears of  anger, the personal wins and personal failures, we’re still here, together.  I can say that with every new chapter or hurdle, we make it through. We know how deep our love runs for each other and for the family we’re creating, how much we want the other to succeed and accomplish their goals, how many more things we still want to do and see together, and when I think about everything we’ve been through my heart wants to burst. I love this kind, imperfect man and I love that we’re both a son and daughter of God. Together. I truly don’t know what I’d do without him. We originally wanted to renew our vows on the beach for our 10 year but with all the change coming with baby #3 we just ran out of time to plan it. But thankfully I found us a babysitter this past weekend, and we took ourselves out for a date with a tax advisor (fun, right?), then to an early dinner to do our favorite thing in the world – eat! But by the time dinner was done, we were itching to see our boys again. But the alone time to celebrate just us was much needed and we still felt giddy and flirty all the same. We talked about our favorite year and our worst in our marriage, the highest points and some of the lows we grew from. But most of all, we still are into each other, a lot .. and I can say that we never not have enough to talk about. Well, Rob. I love you still to this day and more with every new day, and am excited for everything that is still to come! To think, I married the boy I met in high school that wore puka shell and hemp necklaces and you the girl who bleached her hair white and burned her skin until it was black as black tan. And we’re still choosing to love each other! Yay for us. But dang, if life isn’t more fun with you around! And our boys;)

Date Night, Marriage, Sedona

A drive to remember

IMG_6195We just got home from a weekend in Cottonwood. It was one of the most tiring weekends ever for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful weekend, just a lot of things to make us here parents tired. The minute we got to Cottonwood, our family took over (I love you all so much!) and let us escape to Sedona for the day. I’ll post more about that later, but the moment in this exact picture delighted my soul. Sedona was breathtaking, all day. Even in the 90s, the landscape was alive. So lush and green. I forgot how colorful the Sedona mountain ranges are. Driving back from our day together, looking over the yellow fields and ponds, watching the sun set behind the mountains as we made the 30 minute drive back to Cottonwood, was really special. In that moment I was so thankful for the hidden treasures of Arizona and for my life. For health and for all the goodness in people. I had the windows down, my arm on the window sill, the sun on my face. We drove that freeway in complete, beautiful silence, with such a common peace between us. It was like our souls were floating together in that drive. I know that sounds ridiculously corny, but it’s these moments I will remember forever. A day getaway together in the Arizona desert sun, just enjoying each other’s company and the splendor around us.

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Date night at 515 Kitchen & Cocktails

This summer is seriously flying by, and so has our time with visitors. But with visitors also come the opportunity of a date night! Which we don’t get much of with it just being us out here. So, when Rob’s Mom and Stepdad came out {more on that later!}, they offered us a night to go out. Rob and I were so excited to have some time together. It’d been too long. We’ve had our eyes on this cute, vintage house in downtown Santa Cruz for a while, called 515 kitchen & cocktails.  It has a rooftop deck, with seating and lights – a dark romantic inside, a hipster crowd and a great happy hour. We had the best time. Rob and I love talking about life and work and friends and things we can’t wait to do, and what’s next, where to go. . and how much we love our son and California. He’s really my most favorite person to talk to that man. From there we hopped over to the bookshop {so I could pick up Divergent}, then to a great new sushi restaurant we heard about. Really, one of the best date nights we’ve had this year. Thank you, Teri & Paul. And for those Santa Cruzans out there, if you go to 515 Kitchen & Cocktails during their happy hour, order the Le Pamplemousse. It’s amazing and pictured below {with Rob’s old fashion}.