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Children’s Museum of Phx + Federal Pizza

thumb_IMG_6349_1024Have you noticed how I pair children activities with good food?? ;) Needless to say, I needed it after this outing.  On to the story .. I saw a deal come through for the Children’s Museum of Phoenix on Groupon and decided to buy it, wanting something indoor to do with Jace, and something that didn’t involve 112 degree weather and a swimming pool. We set out on a Sunday morning, knowing this was going to be a crazy fun day for Jace face. And boy was it.  It literally felt like we were in the mind of a child. And every room was like a different child-like dream. One room you’re in a miniature grocery store where children are stocking shelves and running the cashier. Another you are painting a castle, chasing yoga balls or running through pool noodles. In another area you’re scooping foam ice cream, driving a pickle for a vehicle, building a city out of blocks and shooting scarves out of tubes. And I’m pretty sure they recreated the tree house from Hook (see below). Pretty rad. However,  it was utter chaos, every where you looked. Jace is still that age where we need to hover over him most of the time, so it was crazy trying to keep him in check without him face planting into the floor every minute. He was non-stop. My favorite room was the calmest one of all, the reading nook. Perhaps that’s what my mind looked like as a child ;) All in all, it was a great place to take the little one. Lots of things to interact and engage with. But after 2 hours I was ready to get the h*ll out of there (and also swear off any more children!).

thumb_IMG_6319_1024 thumb_IMG_6322_1024We spent most of our time playing in these noodles. Hahahahathumb_IMG_6327_1024 thumb_IMG_6328_1024 thumb_IMG_6329_1024 thumb_IMG_6337_1024 thumb_IMG_6340_1024 thumb_IMG_6341_1024 thumb_IMG_6342_1024The best part of this day you ask? I would have to say FEDERAL PIZZA!!! It’s been on my list to try for quite some time now and since we were close by in Phoenix, I decided to take us there for lunch after the museum. Best decision ever. It was delicious. We ordered two of their pizzas and some pasta for little boy. Great service, very family friendly and fabulous happy hour. We’ll definitely be going back. Stuffing our faces with good pizza really made all the anxiety of the children’s museum go away. Crazy how food does that;)

thumb_IMG_6361_1024thumb_IMG_6350_1024  thumb_IMG_6353_1024 thumb_IMG_6352_1024thumb_IMG_6358_1024

Activities for Kids, Phoenix

Arizona Science Center + Pizzeria Bianco

thumb_IMG_6263_1024My friend Sarah invited Jace and I to the Arizona Science Center a couple weekends back. Yes, I’m 2 weeks backlogged in blogging! As soon as we got to the Science Center we spent a good amount of time at the first exhibit, pictured here with the balls and water slides and shoots. So much fun!! Jace was in ball heaven. From there, we went on to explore and build things… and throw balls in a nose that sneezed. We watched a cow’s eye be dissected  .. until it was too gross to watch any more. Jace climbed into a heart, slid down a stomach, heard his heart beat through his hand .. walked on a bridge of nobs, watched more balls float, ran in the hallways, played in the ocean sand and created a cloud.

thumb_IMG_6251_1024thumb_IMG_6252_1024thumb_IMG_6254_1024thumb_IMG_6256_1024I think the best exhibit BY FAR was the Immersion Theater in the Forces of Nature exhibit — you stand in the middle of the stage while mother nature takes over. You really feel like you’re in the middle of the storm, feeling the rain from the hurricane, the wind from the tornado, the ground shaking from the volcano erupting and more. It was awesome. Jace hugged up to his bestie James for protection, it was so cute. No tears just excitement! Who needs Mom when you’ve got a new bro to follow around?! Next time I want to go to the Grossology exhibit — look disgusting but so intriguing!

thumb_IMG_6266_1024 thumb_IMG_6269_1024 thumb_IMG_6270_1024The smile on this boy’s face – melts my heart. Love you James. thumb_IMG_6271_1024Afterwards  we washed hands and went to Pizzeria Bianco, right down the way, for some wood-fired pizza. I couldn’t have asked for a better pair to hang with this Saturday. Sarah and James know how to have fun. I can’t wait for our next outing together, where ever it might be. Love you Sarah! xoxoxoxo

thumb_IMG_6264_1024thumb_IMG_6267_1024And then Jace crashed hard on the couch when we got home. Best. day. ever. with my son.


Arcadia, Phoenix

Thank God for misters

IMG_5768On Fridays we’re getting into the habit of meeting at Jace’s day care for a dual pick-up and then to O.H.S.O. Brewery for dinner as a family. We talk about our week, entertain J and then over eat. OHSO Brewery has the BEST patio seating overlooking Camelback mountain. It also has wonderful umbrella coverage, fans and above all – MISTERS. I forgot how much I love and appreciate misters in Arizona. They feel so wonderful when your body is clammy and sweaty. I’m pretty much going to be seeking these babies out every where we go this summer, now that the temps are in the 100s. Plus, it’s so fun to see Jace’s little face get tickled with the mist. It’s the little things in life, right?! OHSO is definitely one of our favorite spots around town. It’s dog friendly, plus family-friendly!  Sister met us there for dinner, too and we ordered our favorites beers on happy hour (Orange Blossom, Mr. Pineapple, OHSO Hoppy). We both ordered the kalua pork,  Rob the surf & turf. I’m also a huge fan of their garlic shrimp tacos .. seriously amazing. They have an awesome happy hour (and brunch on the weekends). If you’re in the Arizona area, you should definitely check ’em out. But if you’re a local, I’m sure you already have because everyone is in love with this place.

IMG_5775IMG_5772IMG_5758IMG_5757IMG_5764IMG_5766IMG_5769With sister! I’m looking more and more like a 40-year old Mom I’ve decided. Must get a tan ASAP.

IMG_5770IMG_5771IMG_5762I couldn’t be more proud of Jace’s use of Silk & Shine. Such a chapstick pro already!


A morning at the Pineapple Triangle

IMG_5659This past weekend I went with some of my girls (+ little Maivyn Bell) to the Pineapple Triangle craft market at The Coft Downtown in Phoenix. . I’ve never seen so many pineapple things in my life. It was glorious. Pineapple prints, pineapple shirts, pineapple charms and necklaces  .. the items go on. Live music, local artisans GALORE .. so much to browse and ask into. I went a little crazy. It was the perfect morning supporting our local artists and business owners. Very inspiring. If I had more time in my schedule, I would so take a jewelry making class. Ever since I got back to Arizona, I’ve been craving bronze and teal jewelry. It’s such the balance between the southwest and beach. I did splurge on a wood print by Rufus Salvaged Goods, for my wall project I’m working on at home and some jewelry gifts.  My girls also took home some wonderful pieces. I will definitely be keeping up with the Pineapple Triangle and any other events they host in the near future. So impressed!

IMG_5675IMG_5679IMG_5682IMG_5680The famous mobile floral boutique, the Florette!

IMG_5676IMG_5670IMG_5674Loved the chandeliers!

IMG_5664IMG_5668I would say my sister loved Teaspressa‘s take on a vanilla latte!

IMG_5672Loved it all!

Phoenix, Projects

A night of water coloring with Modern Moni

Last week I was desperate to do something creative. Something where I didn’t have to use my brain. When you work all week, and are required to be “on” for 8 hours a day, you start craving some down time to let your mind relax.  To just decompress. For me, it involves doing something creative. Like block-printing, making a pineapple pinata or planting a succulent frame .. just to name a few. It’s so wonderful to try something new and get artsy. And water coloring with Modern Moni at the Bloguettes studio in Phoenix sounded like the most perfect night. I didn’t even go with anyone; I just went right after work and turned my brain off for a couple hours. I barely even talked to anyone, ha. I poured myself some iced tea that the miss Teaspressa served and water colored away. I must admit, one of the bigger reasons I booked this class was the possibility of water painting a pineapple. And, we did!! Ha. My creative night was complete.

IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5327 That’s Modern Moni herself (Monica) there at the front of the class in the blue. She is the sweetest little thing in the world. And so incredibly talented. If you haven’t seen her work you need to.  She does custom prints, portraits and all kinds of fabulous prints you can buy for kids or for your home office. Everything she does will inspire you. Her water coloring skills are amazing .. from donuts to giraffes to flamingos … so modern and so perfectly blended.


IMG_5331 IMG_5338Also, all of the beautiful flowers scattered throughout the studio were donated by The Florette. The only mobile floral boutique in Phoenix. Such lovely flowers to look at all night (and paint!).

IMG_5336I sat next to these girls and was so happy to take a picture with them at the end of the night:)) My popsicles were not as beautiful as theirs so I held up my pineapple .. ! Such a fun night. A great thing for a girls or momma’s night out. So relaxing and freeing. I am REALLY digging the water coloring thing and really would love to practice at home. But yet again, I’m still waiting to find time to try my hand at calligraphy and that has yet to happen, a year later. I still have all my nibs, in their original packaging. Ha. Should tell me something. Thank you, Blogquettes, Teaspressa, The Florette and MODERN MONI for such a colorful and creative night.