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San Diego Fun + a Video!

thumb_IMG_6485_1024Heeeello! Did you think I disappeared? Nope, still here. Just busy running after my little boy and my career, ha. Life lately feels like it’s spinning around and around, non-stop. Our first summer back in Arizona has officially come to an end.  I can finally say goodbye to the 100-degree weather, and hello to the 90-degree weather (hey, I’ll take it.). I can’t believe we’re already into September .. which means I’m turning a year older, too. Boo to that. This summer was full of busy weekends — some with visitors or family, staycations and others were spent back in California! As you know we went back to Santa Cruz over the 4th to see friends, and mid August we went to another favorite place of ours, San Diego! Sister bought me tickets to Shania Twain’s farewell tour, so we decided to make a whole weekend getaway out of it and dragged Rob and Jace along for the ride. We stayed in Little Italy at the Porto Vista Hotel (AAA Approved!) .. a fabulous hotel with a great view of the bay. We were literally a block away from Little Italy (heaven!!). During the day we played at the San Diego Zoo and dug in the sand at the beach, even swam in the ocean. At night we ate Italian and seafood and jumped on our beds. Shania was incredible .. as could be expected! My sister got us great seats, she was so close at one point I thought she was going to look at me. But then she didn’t lol. It was so fun to be around a bunch of women from my generation and older. No tweens or drama queens. Just a bunch of good ‘ol country pop fans! My kind of scene! Below are some of the pictures I took on my phone, plus a little video (above). Coronado Island is definitely one of my happy places; it’s my favorite beach in California.  So glad we got to take Jace to one of our favorite places. Other highlights from the trip include Jace, hitting everyone (see video); dinner at Ironside; Zoo Brew; Jace’s running stride (it’s hilarious how he moves his arms); and last but not least, dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant on Coronado – Miguel’s – before we made the drive back to AZ!

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4th of July in Santa Cruz + a video

I finally compiled all of the video footage from our trip to Santa Cruz for the 4th of July. It was so wonderful going back to our old stomping grounds and seeing all of our friends. New babies, new stories and new experiences for little man. He was so excited to see the beach, it was adorable. He didn’t want to leave that ocean. What I didn’t include in the video was him crying when we took him out of the water, hahahaha. I sure do miss those trees and the smell of the ocean. Miss it so much it hurts. And of course the people. They’re the best part. Love you girls (and guys!) so much. It was truly one of the best 4th of Julys ever.

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Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival + a video

This last weekend we went to the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival. We’ve been so caught up with moving and work that I wanted us to take a little road trip somewhere close by and near the ocean;) So, we headed to the little town of Half Moon Bay. Their annual festival was packed with pumpkin everything – pumpkin macaroni & cheese, pumpkin chili, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin ice-cream – pumpkin you name it! There were giant pumpkins every where you looked, different craft stations for kids, a pumpkin pie eating contest, world class pumpkin carvers and a festival parade {which we missed because we were eating something pumpkin-y}. It was such a fun day of music and art and pumpkin eating! After the crowd got the best of us {really, I was starting to get claustrophobic}, we said goodbye to the festival and headed home. On the way back into Santa Cruz we stopped at Rodoni Farms. Rob insisted that because Jace won’t necessarily remember any of this pumpkin fun, that we didn’t need to go overboard on the pictures, or actually pick out a pumpkin, so we enjoyed the view and smell of the ocean, obnoxiously put Jace in the piles of pumpkins and giggled over his obsession with the hay. More pictures on Rodoni next!

{the pumpkin-tini was delish}
{not sure Jace is a pumpkin fan just yet.}
{broom anyone?}
{for being quite the pumpkin pie fanatic, I must say their “famous” pie was pretty good.
And why have I never put cinnamon on my pumpkin pie before?! It’s delicious!}
{babies in flannels kill me.}
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Santa Cruz Beer Week at Beer Thirty


It’s Beer Week here in Santa Cruz, and we decided to kick it off at Beer Thirty in Capitola with friends. Uncommon Brewing and Highway 1 Brewery took over on tap for the night. Friends in Cheeses Jam Company brought an assortment of organic, culinary delights, including savory, farmstead cheeses, homemade jams, olive jars, pickled peppered hard boiled eggs, meat from El Salchichero and more. All paired well with the beers on tap, even the lavender beer I got {!}. And the highlight of the night? The Booth Bus was parked on the patio all night, and we definitely took advantage.  Jenna & Anthony, the master minds behind the vintage Volkswagen Booth Bus, are the friendliest, sweetest couple. They drive all around Northern California, providing busography to all! So brilliant. Such a great night. You can see more pictures from the event at Santa Cruz Waves — including of our beautiful friend and owner of Beer Thirty, Olive ;)










And now for the best part! Enjoy :))



{video by Miss Heather // song credit: Wildfire by John Mayer}
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7 {!!}

It’s Friday!!!! Fridays have a whole new meaning to me now.   It means I get 2 whole days with my Jace face! Ah yaya. Here is something to get you amped up for the weekend!