Cher Joy

Cher joy

What a week! Work was long for both of us {more so for Rob} and every night it seemed like we had something going on. This weekend we soaked up some much needed TLC and met our new pet-sitter for Tacoma. This will be the first year we don’t dress up for Halloween {weird!}, but I’m having way more fun seeing the costumes via Instagram. Some people are so creative! Well, I’m going to get in the kitchen to make some pumpkin apple pancakes, but before I do, here’s what brought me joy last week:


1. Nicki Bluhm live in Felton. {Image by Clayton Ryon}.
2. Taylor Swift’s new CD.
3. Starting a new book.
4. Slumber party with the dogs watching scary movies {I still have to close my eyes when I watch I Am Legend}.

Have a great next week friends!

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