Cher Joy

Cher Joy

Well hi there. Long time no talk (on my part!). I’ve been a little caught up with living life I guess. I can’t believe it’s already mid July. 2015 is well over half done. Crazy. We’ve been living back here for what, 5 months now. Still feels bizarre to me. Like I’m in a third dimension. Can someone please wake me up? I’m really doing my part to make the best of this Arizona summer. I’d dare say I even have my Arizona tan back almost. Lots of pool days and cool drinks. My favorite moment is stepping into my air conditioned house (that I pay a lot to air condition mind you). Feeling the rush of coolness hit my sweaty skin. It’s marvelous. Or, I’ll sit in my car in the parking structure and just put my face up to the air conditioning.  It’s what you do in Arizona this time of year. You appreciate all the air conditioning you can get. I’m praying for some monsoon rain to hit already so I can cool down naturally. Bring the rain Arizona, pleeeease!

In lieu of my absence, I thought I’d jump right back in with what brought me joy last week. A little recap of those moments I hold on to for dear life. In order of the photos below:

1. Running at the track. Brings back lots of late night, date night memories of the early days with Rob. Where we’d run the track, play p-i-m-p (our version of p-i-g) and then go get a cold Gatorade from QT.

2. The pork enchiladas at Gadzooks. Seriously amazing. Plus the slaw. It’s my new found food obsession. And I sort of have a “thing” for enchiladas. A serious love affair. Even ask Heather.

3. Fridays!! Picking up Jace on Fridays is my favorite day of the week. obviously! I play Shots, and we dance (at stop lights of course) and get sillier the closer we get to home.

4. This acai bowl at Thrive. I go for the tropical one, every time. Best thing to eat after a work out.

5. Lazy weekends with my boys, eating cheesy eggs and cuddling on the couch to some Sesame Street.


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  • Reply Nichole July 15, 2015 at 5:15 am

    Great pictures! Your food looks delish :)

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