Cher Joy

Cher joy

Happy January, friends! I love reading all the resolutions posted in the blogosphere. Everyone’s is so different! Every new year is a fresh start – a fresh beginning at accomplishing more or perfecting what makes you the happiest. I wish that life would slow down sometimes, but at the same time, I’m ready to get into this next chapter of our lives = babyland. Things around here are staying busy with work, Doctor appointments and nursery projects. I’m thinking of a lot of friends right now and amping up for some fun gift ideas for you all.  Only a couple more weeks of work for me, and then I’ll be nesting. It’s going to be so weird to not work. Let’s just hope I can disconnect, ha! I’m feeling a big rush of love and hope this morning.  Love for life and hope for a manageable labor. Anyway, thought I’d share with you what brought me joy last week:



1. New Year’s Day with this guy. Love him so much it hurts.
2. Super Mario Bros. on the Wii!
3. My prenatal massage at Luma Yoga. AMAZING. I highly recommend to any mother-to-be!
4. Mornings at the beach house and online shopping for baby boy.

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