For New Year’s Eve I wanted to try out our new olloclip lens {thank you Grandpa Johannes!} to capture our night with friends. The pictures are pretty cool — a little trippy though. Our friends, Michelle & David, invited us over for dinner and game night. It was JUST what we wanted to do for NYE this year. Nothing major, and A LOT better than lying around at our place, watching ANOTHER Breaking Bad episode. Their house is out of an episode of Mad Men. Love all their vintage furniture and finds {like the bar cart below!}. And, their dog, Wally, too.


{they had all kinds of appetizers and cocktails prepared for us, so fun!}


{David came partially as himself, and partially as Ice Cube, lol! The guys were ready to party}


 {dinner time – skirt steak and chicken tacos and home-made {and fat-free} sides. So delicious}


 {games started quickly after dinner — DJ Hero & Mario Kart on the wii. Sure does work your forearms and fingers!}
{the boys decided to get into sport gear with David’s Pistons’ jerseys}
{baby boy!}



 {dessert might have been my favorite part}


 {did I mention Wally is a corgi?}
Michelle added something a little extra to our New Year’s Eve toast — 12 grapes of “luck” for every month to come in 2014. Supposedly it’s a Latin tradition. If you bite into a sour grape, that month will not be so good. Fortunately, all of our grapes were fresh and juicy — no sour months as far as we can tell! We shared our personal, professional and family resolutions and said goodbye to 2013. We’re so lucky to have these two in our lives. Good people – and so funny. Funny people are the best people to surround yourself with if you ask me ;)

Hope you all had fun reining in the New Year, and celebrated exactly how you wanted to. 2014 is going to bring a lot. I just hope we can handle it. Here we go!

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