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Third trimester

Things are getting a little uncomfortable around here. I’m feeling super pregnant. I miss the days, when I was only tired. Because now it’s a challenge to even get out of bed, move from one side to the next in bed, go up stairs, or even just walk. There is some serious pain/pressure down there. Some of the tiredness is back but now I don’t feel as mobile, or flexible. Never thought I’d be waddling, but I am. No more kickboxing for me at this point.  My body does not look or feel the same; I actually feel rather helpless with what’s happening to me. Somehow my skin has stretched enough to hold this little guy {which is still mind-boggling to me}. Those early months where I felt nothing now seems like years ago — because this baby is moving around. All the time. Especially when I lie down for bed at night, he decides to come alive. Which tickles the crap out of me! Looking back, though, I’ve been blessed with a very good pregnancy. It’s just now that my emotions are coming out with every ache and pain. Little glimpses of what birth will be like I’m sure. I just want to see our little boy. I hate surprises, and I feel like this whole pregnancy has been a total tease. Ultrasounds don’t show anything. The 3Ds are freakish. So, I have to wait to see him. I’m getting impatient. Well, until then, I’ll settle for his little bops and hiccups. On the bright side, here’s what’s been keeping me going this last trimester:


{my pregnancy pillow from Bump Nest – thank you, Heather!}
{currently reading this book}
{comfy slippers – I even wear to work sometimes}
{I could eat chocolate chip cookies & milk all day}
{Stool softener. Again, don’t ask}
{chamomile tea, yum}
{COLD, orange juice every morning}
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