Dealing with fear

I’m a BIG fan of Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In”, and am feeling a spark of motivation. Motivation to keep following my dreams, to have it all – whatever I make to be “it all”. The following excerpt really jumped out at me:

“Fear is at the root of so many of the barriers that women face. Fear of not being liked. Fear of making the wrong choice. Fear of drawing negative attention. Fear of overreaching.. Fear of being judged. Fear of failure. And the holy trinity of fear – – – the fear of being a bad mother/wife/daughter. Without fear, women can pursue professional success and personal fulfillment. And freely choose one or the other or both.”

It’s so true isn’t it? I feel like I have little doses of fear in my every day. What would you do if you weren’t afraid, as Mrs. Sandberg would say? Me? . . . lots. Like get my Masters, teach body pump, or wear red lipstick.

I now have this on my desk as a daily reminder to “lean in”. . . ;)

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