Dear lips

Why do you hate me?

I get coldsores {thanks to the gene on my Dad’s side}. It sucks. And for any of you out there who get coldsores, too, I know you know it sucks. For me, anything can trigger one: the sun, the cold, a cold, sharing chapstick, lipstick, a pimple on my lip line, hormones, stress. They’re inevitable and SO painful. I so wish I could be one of those girls who can wear red lipstick and not fret about the side effects – just a regular ‘ol girl who just has to worry about chapped lips and nothing more. But, no, I get monstrous {and I mean MONSTROUS} coldsores. On a couple occasions where I was so embarrassed to show my face in public, I wore a post-it over my lip, and then later that day a band-aid. These little coldsores seriously take my joyful disposition to one of depression and gloom. I’m NEVER myself with one, and either will refrain from leaving my house or avoid people all together. Which is why I’ve tried almost EVERYthing in the book over the years to prevent, to lessen, to treat and to rid coldsores. However, sometimes I think my coldsores have a mind of their own and decide when they’ll react positively to any treatment I apply before or during. To help you, here are my {RECENT} cures for the common {and unruly large} coldsore:
L-Lysine. If you feel something a-brewing, or if one has already surfaced, pop 1-3 of these DAILY. Always keep a bottle full of these in your medicine cabinet. Always.
Super Lysine. Use this during to treat the throbbing pain and coldsore itself. I have found that regular IBProfin also helps with any swelling you make experience, too.
Nail Polish Remover. A friend of mine SWEARS by this. If you feel it coming, dab a Q-tip in nail polish remover until it’s fully saturated and then hold it onto the lip surface for at least 30 sec. Repeat if needed. I plan to try this the next time. Hoping it’s not anytime soon.
Do you have any remedies for preventing or curing coldsores? I’d love to hear!
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  • Reply Sis March 7, 2013 at 3:21 am

    I feel your PAIN :(

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