DIY: Cork board

When your husband breaks things, you need to improvise; and I do a lot of improvising. His mother warned me that he breaks things, but it’s sort of now what I love about him and, sort of the joke of our household, to see what he’ll break next. When we were framing our pictures from Europe, Mr. Johannes broke the glass of one of the IKEA frames. So, I improvised and made a cork board. I’ve been saving almost every wine cork I could get my hands on over the last 5 years. Parties, restaurants, toasts, Grandma’s house, girls’ nights, etc. I have a plentiful supply of corks, boxes of corks even. First thing I did, poured myself a glass of wine {of course}. Second – got the gorilla glue out and went to work. I used the backside of the back of the frame to glue the corks to, and laid books over the finished corks to help each dry in place. Somehow, I forgot to take picture of these steps. But look – it’s so pretty!

I heart it.
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  • Reply Kristin Moon Thomson October 5, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Your cork board looks really great! I’m impressed!!

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