Friends, Heather by Hand

Estrogen overload

Last weekend miss Heather and I had an incredibly GIRLY weekend. When the boys aren’t around, we like to get away with an estrogen loaded, chick day. Here’s an hr by hr of our girls night {which started after I locked my keys in the truck down the hill and had to have a locksmith come out}:

The Downton Abbey marathon started with scones and iced-tea.

After a couple episodes, we brought out the charcuterie.

Then we got the preparations for dinner started.

Wine journal time.

Chicken dinner {my first time making a whole chicken}!

Nail painting, calligraphy and more Downton – there may have been some tears {damn you, Downton!}. Heather’s nail polish fetish is so wonderful.

Ice-cream for episode six.

After passing out in a food coma, we woke up the next day and had breakfast nachos and watched two more episodes. Felt like we were college roomies again!

What are your girl nights like? Please tell me they’re as silly and food-filled as ours ;)

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