Maternity leave is da bomb

IMG_3369The title says it all. I love maternity leave. Every minute of it. This time around Rob hasn’t had any time off, but that’s OK. I’m just fine having Walker allll to myself. Dropping Jace off at daycare still stings and breaks my heart, but I know the routine and activity during the day with his friends is better for him than watching me breastfeed all day. I do take my time in the morning with the boys though and don’t rush, which is nice. I get some extra time in with Jace and do breakfast and some play time, and then by the time Rob is home, we sort of do a little hand off and I’m with Jace and he’s with Walker, and back and forth. We’re constantly trying to balance the two to make sure we spend time with both boys.

I can’t stop cuddling his face, and kissing his cheeks, and squeezing his thighs and tickling his toes. Even though he smells a little like boob milk and greasy hair, I still love it. This newborn stage (although he’s over 13lbs now at 5 weeks) is the best. Eat, poop, sleep, repeat! I take every day as slow as I can, soaking up every little baby noise, yawn and even the crying. It will be gone before I know it. He will be 3 ft tall like Jace soon, chewing gum and trying ot wipe his own butt. This time is truly so special, not sure what I’m going to do after these 12 weeks are up. Cry for sure I know.

IMG_3372 IMG_3375 IMG_3377 IMG_3381IMG_3418 IMG_3440 On Wednesdays Jace does get to stay home with me and so far I make sure we have something planned each week. We go to the park, or the zoo, or to Grandma’s to hang out and get spoiled with treats. It’s also my day to practice juggling the two, and I’m getting better, now that I’m all healed. On the weekends we try to plan extra fun things for Jace, too, like Legoland, new places to visit, sports practice and water games in the back yard. We even swaddled Jace to make him feel like a baby again, >D

I’ve also been drinking a breakfast buzz from D’lite every other day. SO DELICIOUS. I’m addicted. I’m also completely caught up on Big Little Lies, Downton Abbey and Gilmore Girls – the 4-episodes that is – (and watching back episodes of Revenge and GoT!). I have a few more shows I’d like to try as well.  And have you all seen Sally Field in “Hi, my name is Doris”? Drop-dead hilarious, I tell you!!!! And I can sort of relate to her stalker tendencies .. ask Rob ;) Between Walker’s Dr. appointments and the extra activities for Jace, this family we’re creating is staying pretty busy, and exhausted. Every night is such a daze, trying to do bath time and dinner and play with Jace and feed Walker, and do the baby soothing and also find time for ourselves to just go pee. It’s like a movie, where the house is a disaster and smells, and there’s crying and yelling, maybe some tears Ha. After a major spit up the other night Jace said, “Mommy you’re crazy.” And in that moment, Rob and I just busted out laughing. Mr. Jace sees things so clearly sometimes. He also said that my boobs were crying the other night >D But, I wouldn’t trade one minute of it for anything else in the world though.

And also, (because I can’t stop starting sentences with “and”) I had my first glass of rose the other day on the patio and it was marvelous. Life is seriously grand and I thank God every day for the craziness, even the tired body aches.

Only 6 weeks left :*****(

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