My new mantra


Lately, I’ve been struggling. With a lot. Some days I feel like my joy is gone. Like I’m going to dry up in this state and blow away in the wind. Thankfully my best friend is pretty awesome and picked me up an essential oil I’ve been trying. Gratitude Attitude. That’s what life is about. Being thankful. I think it’s been helping me. Who cares if I live in Arizona, in the middle of the desert, on cement. I need to make the most of it. The most of family time and of careers. Of hobbies and friends. Of marriage. And most of all, of days with Jace. My little man. Every day is truly a blessing. It can’t be wasted. I’ll be working on my mindset and trying to remember the good things Arizona has to offer. Aside from my emotional roller coaster, how are you all?! Did you miss me? Ha. Hope you enjoy my blog look and new logo. I must say that I designed it! Yay.

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