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Sonnet James sample sale

Last weekend I took the boys with me to Palo Alto for the Sonnet James sample sale. Miss Heather joined us, too and I’m so glad she did! We had such a great day. I’ve been a distant fan of Sonnet James’ play dresses for years but sadly I’ve never been able to afford buying one. I just couldn’t stomach spending $140 for a dress that I might ruin, so the minute I heard about the sample sale I jumped at the opportunity, especially now that I live so close to the Sonnet James HQ in Palo Alto. I was so excited to see some of her designs in person and feel the fabric quality. And, wow! Amazing fabric, amazing cuts and styles. Very well made and incredibly comfortable to wear. I was blown away by how soft and stretchy all the dresses were.

Heather and I quickly started rummaging through the racks, and trying on different styles. The boys stayed busy snacking while we got our shop on. I’m so thankful for such sweet boys. All the ladies at the sale were so friendly, too; we kept swapping dresses and styles, openly complimenting each other and sharing in the crazy excitement and happiness that comes with trying on a Sonnet James dress! I overheard one gal say you’ll never want to take a Sonnet dress off once you put it on. That no other dress will ever compare. And now I totally get it. These dresses are heavenly and feel like part of your skin. And the idea of feeling comfortable while pretty, so you can be more present and playful with your kids, or with anyone for that matter, is so brilliant. And an idea any mom can stand behind. It’s an awesome brand and movement, and now that I’ve got a taste of Sonnet James in person, I’m a fan for life. And the owner, Whitney, was there too! I feel so bad now though because I should have grabbed her the few times I saw her and complimented her on her business and big idea. And that I look up to her for launching a successful brand from her kitchen floor while being a single momma. To tell her what a unique following and niche she’s created. Definitely a woman to admire from afar. But dang, huge regret haunts me now in not introducing myself! If I lived more in the area I’d totally try to work for her. One day maybe ;)

Heather and I made out for sure, I even made sure to grab one of her staples which is the white and black striped dress. Every dress has a special name but don’t ask me what they are.  But I’m definitely going to look them up to when I do some future online shopping on her website. Love these shots of Heather and I .. we’re both literally hugging our new dresses hahahaha.

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