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Tea Party Baby Shower

My bestie Heather by Hand threw me a little tea party baby shower this past weekend at Buttercup Cakes (& Farmhouse) in downtown Santa Cruz! On the weekends they offer “high tea” and it’s quite the popular outing around these parts. Heather and I would love to make it a monthly ritual because it’s just absolutely lovely. The decor and china and tea sandwiches and options for scones and teas is just marvelous. You feel very girly and fancy, like a queen! And for us Downton obsessed fans, it’s the perfect place for girl time and in my case, a baby shower!


Miss Heather found these cute little tea tins as party favors for all the girls on Etsy, and filled them with tea, cookies and honey. Such a darling idea, Heather! The teas inside sound great, too. Including a blueberry merlot – which I’m currently drinking (yum!). And remember when I said Queen before? Well I even had a crown to prove it ;) not pictured were our awesome finger sandwiches and scones. But the ending is the best part – cupcakes! The lavender might just be my new favorite. Or the sugar babies! I’m definitely feeling large and in charge nearing the end of this third pregnancy. But all the diapers and gift cards make things feel a little more real at this point. For awhile there I was worried I was never going to prepare! Now I can, thanks to these ladies! Thank you Heather for a most perfect little get together. It was just what I needed to not feel so whale-ish and pregnant!

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  • Reply Sis May 3, 2018 at 9:00 am

    How fun!! You all look beautiful!
    All I’ve been doing is drinking tea these days. Somehow is helps me relax or I think so ;) whatever helps! Lol

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