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Walker turns uno + his first fiesta!

Our little Walker baby is officially a year old. And it was, without a doubt, the fastest year of my life. How is this little second babe of ours one??!! I never imagined that we could love a second as much as our first, but the love is so deep and so real. Walker is absolutely delicious and such a pleasure to be around. Seeing how different he is from Jace just warms my heart. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be our sky-diving, never settle down, heartbreaking adventurer. This kid doesn’t stop moving. There was no chance of over stimulating him on his birthday either. He actually out partied us all, and was up late playing with his new birthday hoop game, running circles around the downstairs, snacking late and laughing himself into our arms over and over again. So much heart and soul, and those eyes!

They’ll melt you. But man, take away a toy he wants or shut the door to the patio on him and he’ll throw himself down all tantrum like. My fearless, passionate little boy is going to take on the world in a great way, I just know it. He’s our little prickly cactus, that’s for sure. Which is how I drew out the theme for his first birthday – a first fiesta! We made fruit margarita cups (of course not pictured but I was so dang proud of them!), carne asada and chicken nachos .. and Nothing Bundt Cake dessert. Only a couple party fouls, including Jace punching the “O” balloon and it deflating as soon as Rob walked through the door with them and Rob ripping the cactus piñata while trying to string it up for the little kiddos to hit. It’s not a party until something doesn’t go all the way right, right? >D

Other finds for the party included this sombrero I found on Amazon and not to mention the  beachy, southwest pull over from my friend Loni got him. It was a great day with our California friends, all together again. Lots of good laughs and nonstop play time for the littles.

Happy birthday Walkman. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for adding you to our family, and for keeping us all on our toes, chasing after you and your mischievous expressions. Couldn’t imagaine this life without you and the sweet brotherly love you bring out of Jace. We just can’t get enough of your cuddles and goofy grins!! We love you so much.

Some of the party details:

  • Kids sombrero
  • Cactus piñata
  • Fruit margarita cups
  • ”Uno” onesie
  • Silly straws and other decor was from the Dollar Store
  • I got the 40” gold, balloon letters from Amazon (way too big)
  • And last but not least, birthday bundtkinis from Nothing Bundt Cake!
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