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Jace’s 5th Birthday Spider-Man party!

Our Jace Face turned 5 on February 6! FIVE! A whole hand! Wow, has the time flown by. Looking back over the years, especially on this blog, makes me choke up. It’s almost suffocating to think about how fast children grow up. It’s beautiful but so sad at the same time. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on my blog but this was a day I couldn’t miss documenting. This sweet boy of ours is getting so big. He’s still as stubborn and fiery and sensitive and loving as ever.

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Jace Face Friday

Big bro Jace

Jace requests to hold Callen multiple times in the day, which is so nice since it also requires he wash his hands! Callen loves it and often smiles and even starts to giggle when he sees Jace’s face. I think we have another one stage 5 clinger! Sweetest big bro ever.

Jace Face Friday

Jace’s first trip to the Dentist

Yeah, that’s right. My son is 4 and I’m now just taking him to the dentist for the first time. Im pretty much the worst parent in the world. I did not know they could go as early 2! I’m so stupid. And I have definitely learned from this first experience because my little man has like 10 cavities! I could cry. I feel so bad for the kid and in this case, it was totally on us not cracking the whip sooner or more often. Who only lets their kid brush their teeth once a day?! Me. Just horrible. No more! Time to get serious. Twice a day, using the flosser thingy and more fluoride! But nonetheless, they took amazing care of him and he actually had a blast. He didn’t want to leave. Crazy right?! The staff was incredible, and there were toys galore so Jace felt right at home. They even let him pick out prizes after. I was so surprised that he did everything they asked him to, too. He was such a rockstar, I was so proud of him. But my eyes wanted to tear up knowing what’s in store for him with the shots to come. One appointment at a time for sure. Fingers crossed.

Aptos, Jace Face Friday

Beach boy Jace

On President’s Day we took just Jace down to our favorite beach here in Aptos and set up for the afternoon. There was almost no one on our beach. Except for some wind and clouds to cover the warm sun, it was pretty beautiful. The boys ventured off and found some hot coals left over from the night before and got us a little beach bonfire going, using driftwood and any other scraps they could find. Soon we were all cuddled up by the fire, snacking and listening to the wind and waves. I even got some more reading in. It got pretty chilly out here, and even with a fire and robe on Jace couldn’t stay warm. We called it at that point but all the same it was an awesome day off with our first born. The ocean is so relaxing! And I’m pretty sure he was on cloud nine to have the day with us.