A pillow project

img_2687 Oh, hello there! Thought I’d post another DIY project I tackled recently — pillows! I bought this Florida-bohemian inspired fabric thinking I’d use it for our bar stool cushions we inherited with our house, but ended up loving the natural cushions I discovered underneath the weird fabric covers that I was left with this fairly expensive square yard of fabric. Only $35, but still fairly expensive when you don’t know what to do with it! After a few months of deciding, I went with new pillows for our couch! I used the pillow stuffing from two other old pillows I had in a closet and then hopped on over to my friend Kristin’s house to borrow her sewing machine. We made quite the crafternoon out of it and spent the time chatting it up (and teaching me how to use a sewing machine). I felt like I was in JoAnn’s going through a how-to-sew class. She walked me through everything but then let me do all the dirty work. I just love her and how much patience she had for me!

img_2692img_2691My first pillow was close to perfect, but my second ended up looking more rectangular and weak, ha. I also messed up and didn’t flip one side and had to slowly rip out the seems and start over. Lesson learned. That was 45 minutes I’ll never get back! But at least I had good company! But really, I’m so proud of myself for my sewing and stuffing job! And now I have a new color and pattern to add to our back room .. it was getting a little too blue and boring. Have you ever sewed pillows?! What else do you sew?

img_2688img_2689 img_2690

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