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The Dexter breakfast

We’ve been catching up Dexter in the evenings to wind down and the opening credits get us every time. It is the best intro I think ever created for a series. Not only does it fit the theme of the show perfectly, but it also makes the breakfast look so delectable, while deadly. It had us mesmerized once again so we went out and got all the ingredients for a Dexter breakfast and went to work. Oh, and we did this on Mother’s Day. It was just what I wanted — a lot of meat and protein!

What you’ll need:
– Eggs {over easy with some salt, pepper & tabasco sauce}
– Blood oranges
– Ham steak {we grilled up some bacon, too}
– Coffee, French press style {grind your beans!}
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A summer charcuterie with friends

We recently had some friends over for an afternoon of charcuterie. They, too, just had a baby {6 months ago}, so we were excited to finally see them and introduce the babes. Rob and I love a good charcuterie plate, so we went to Trader Joe’s and went a little crazy. I wanted a summer-themed charcuterie so I made sure to pick up a lot of fruit to complement the cheeses and meat. We were cutting it so close to time that I didn’t quite get everything out that I wanted to, but, after looking at this spread, I think we did ourselves proud. This “snack” actually turned into our dinner. We paired it with a few different beers, sparkling water and good conversation about Ireland, parenthood and future get togethers.

{Jace & Everly!}
{Jace and his bubbles!}
{That watermelon beer again that I’m obsessed with!}
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Gift idea for Easter: Mini kitchen sink carrot cakes

It’s tradition in my house to make {& eat} carrot cake on Easter. I have a pretty wicked obsession with carrot cake. And pumpkin pie, too, for that matter. . . But Easter calls for carrot cake, and as you know, last year I made Joy the Baker’s Kitchen Sink Carrot Cake and thought it was AMAZING, so I made it again this year. You know, where you grate the carrots, pack in all the goods, whisk eggs, sift powdered sugar, etc. It’s pretty time-consuming, but so worth it. However, I know that if I have a whole bundt cake in my kitchen, with cream cheese frosting on it, I’m most likely going to eat the whole thing. So, because I’m trying to lose this baby pouch, I decided to make mini cakes to share with friends and our neighbors. The mini, large cup cakes weren’t as moist as if a bundt cake, but still delicious. I added a little garnish and hand delivered them on Easter . . and then sat down to one myself with a huge glass of milk. It was the perfect end to our first Easter as a family.

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Celebrating Fall . . with vampire steak

I drive past the best pumpkin yard on my way home from work this time of year. I stopped on a Friday night and spent a good $20 on pumpkins – small and large, including a Cinderella one {more on that later!}. Over the weekend we put the scary movies on, made some vampire steak and a fire every night. I love weekends like this, especially when the nights are cold and we haven’t anything to do!


{+new pillows for the couch!}





{Recipe for the Vampire Steak is here.}


{Already starting to day-dream about our post-pregancy trip to Sonoma. Rob enjoyed some Merlot from Alexander Valley.}

{LOVE our fireplace.}
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Easter Joy

Our Easter was so wonderful, and very special to us. Maybe because we started a new tradition, or were so moved by the message at Vintage Faith on Sunday. I can’t stop singing “You are my joy, my joy” by Josh Fox. It’s so true.

I was feeling something extra delicious for Easter. . . Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts of ALL time, yet I’ve never made one. So, since we were spending Easter just the two of us, I decided to go all out and make it from scratch. I used Joy the Baker’s Kitchen Sink Carrot Cake recipe {including her cream cheese frosting}, and  somehow followed it perfectly because it was seriously the best carrot cake I’ve ever had — and I made it! I think I just started a new Johannes tradition! We couldn’t stop laughing at the goodness that was going on in our mouths.

Thought these were very Easter-themed and Springy. We missed our families a lot this Easter, but I’m glad we had each other, along with good food, cake, prayer and snuggles to console us. A great Easter in my book.