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Some shots from our house cooling

img_1726A couple weeks ago we hosted a little house “cooling” and invited a bunch of our friends and family. Because the weather was still cooling down, a friend gave me the idea to just call it a house cooling and have a bunch of cold, freshing drinks and snacks. We threw some beer in a wheel barrel full of ice, put some rose over ice, served otter pops and salsa, and some fresh Papa Murphy’s pizza and called it a day!  Man, we had so many people in our house! Of coures I took NO pictures of the crowd mingling, only these that my sister sent me. It was a busy night of catching up, house tours and scrambling to find more wine for the many guests! Our families hung out for the first part and then friends closed it out. Jace was on cloud nine of course with friends to swim and play water guns with. He also could be found sitting in his favorite blue patio chair, eating an otter pop (of which he had like 20!). Towards the end of the night the temps finally cooled down, and we turned the patio lights on closed down the pool. Such a great afternoon with our Arizona peeps!

img_1725 img_1730 img_1731 img_1736

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Fort wood

IMG_1195 Well I just got back from the most relaxing weekend ever. At FORD WOOD, my best friend, Heather’s, new home under the redwoods. It’d been a year since I’d been back to Santa Cruz, so I was looking forward to getting back to my roots and catching up with friends. Good friends. Truly the best if you ask me. Heather was the most perfect host. She set up her little guest house for me with fresh sheets, toiletries and flowers, even some water for my bedside. It was my little sanctuary away from home. Here were some of my favorite moments from the weekend . . .

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National Best Friend’s Day – June 8

IMG_5728National Best Friend’s Day might be my favorite non-holiday ever. It’s my chance to tell my bestie how awesome she is. If you already don’t know, Heather has been my bestie for .. how many years now?  Oh, jeez. 10 years?! Holy crap, we’re getting old. I think we both have been secretly shopping for each other, like it’s our birthdays, in preparation for this special day. I found some goodies for her, including this clever “Why You’re My Bestie” book.  And these Aid Through Trade friendship bracelets. Oh, and some lavender soap that reminded me of her handwriting, called Hand in Hand. Sound familiar??? ;) With all my gifts in hand, one night last week, I sat myself down with some red wine and started filling in my bestie journal. I must admit, I cracked up a few times thinking of old times. It was such a fun little activity. Made me smile thinking of my bestie who’s far away. I hope she loved her goodies. And I hope you spoiled your bestie, too!


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Jace’s california pineapple birthday party

Jace’s first birthday was an absolute hit. I planned a very colorful and fruity birthday for our little pineapple. Even the weather felt tropical with the rain and warm temperatures. I’ll let the pictures say the rest! A big thanks to all of our friends and family for celebrating this special day with us. Such a blast. And Mr. Jace was the happiest, cake-eating, attention-loving little 1 year old ever. Such a ham. I must say, I had so much fun planning this party; more fun than any other. Especially the little goodie bags for the kids. We love you Jace. You’re the light in our life.

IMG_8345 IMG_8342 IMG_8395IMG_4666IMG_4683IMG_4677IMG_8329IMG_8418IMG_8392IMG_8319IMG_8316IMG_8311IMG_8310plastic-pineapple-cups IMG_8396

IMG_4676IMG_8410 IMG_8409 IMG_8589 IMG_8577 IMG_8578 IMG_8584 IMG_8586 IMG_8383 IMG_8590 IMG_8595 IMG_8605

IMG_8386 IMG_8416 IMG_8431 IMG_8460 IMG_8456 IMG_8436 IMG_8479 IMG_8487 IMG_8514 IMG_8522 IMG_8540 IMG_8541IMG_8556 IMG_8564 IMG_8607 IMG_8611IMG_8636IMG_8626

IMG_8365 IMG_8357

IMG_8653 IMG_8657 IMG_8649 IMG_8651 IMG_8666 IMG_8668A HUGE thanks to Heather for taking all of these pictures and for the beautiful album to put all of our mini polaroids in. Isn’t her handwriting and sketching skills absolutely amazing?!! She is seriously the coolest person.

IMG_4680 IMG_8574

Party details:
Jace Turns 1 pineapple tattoos
DIY Pinata
Fruit garland
Pineapple flowers on cupcakes
Pineapple cups
Pineapple sangria
BBQ pulled pork sliders
Pineapple album, including calligraphy

Party favors:

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Celebrating Christmas and our holiday in Arizona

Christmas came and went faster than ever this year. We just got home from our trip to see family and friends in Arizona and are pretty dazed. If that’s a word. We’re pooped. Between the holiday shopping and travel and work schedules, we did our best to do a few things to keep the spirit of Christmas glowing in our hearts.  I didn’t do half as much as I wanted to, like watch Hook, finish David Sedaris’ Holidays on Ice, make Jace’s first year ornament, decorate a Gingerbread house out of berries, etc., etc. My Christmas cards were rushed {but fairly clever!} — my gifts were last minute {literally day-of sometimes} — my flight was almost missed — my luggage delayed — my hair a mess. It was a scrambling, rushed holiday. I obviously over did it. And to my dismay, I caught a nasty stomach virus over the holiday, and then gave it to everyone around me, including little Jace. On the bright side, we were spoiled with love from our family and friends and that alone made up for all the hustle and bustle and sicknesses and stress. It’s really the best time of the year and there is so much to celebrate – the birth of Jesus, the Christ and the promise of grace and hope forever more. So, what am I complaining about, right? Right. Here are the fews things we DID do to celebrate here in Cali and in Arizona: 

One of our little Christmas outings was to the lighted boat parade in Santa Cruz at the harbor with some good friends. It was so much fun. Love the smell of that ocean!

We had some friends and family pass through. Surprise visitors are the best. Jace loves Krista & Gus! ;)

Rob enjoyed his seasonal beers ;) 

And little boy had his first ear infection early in December and did a lot of face-down, butt in the air motions. I think it helped his head.
Holiday work part-ay!! Full of food, sushi, games and the money tree! 

My Dad and Jace waiting with me at the Phoenix airport for my luggage that didn’t make it on my flight. 3 hours later :( Thank God for Starbucks. 

Oregano’s to the rescue, after a long travel day. 

My little reindeer xoxo…

Christmas Eve with the Johannes. I truly love it when our families come together to eat and exchange stories and gifts. So heartwarming to see Jace among all of his Grandpas, Grandmas, Great-Grandmas, and Uncles & Aunts. And our holiday specs were so rad. 

Christmas #2 in Cottonwood with Rob’s Mom, step-father and Tay & Ri. We made gingerbread houses, ate a ton of great food and strolled through Jerome before heading back to Phoenix. Such a nice visit and so comfy, too! 

Biggest coffee cup ever! Thanks Tayler. 

Miss Tayler made us the most thoughtful scrapbook of Jace’s first year. I can’t even imagine how many hours she must have spent on it. It’s beautiful. In it is this quote about family and it couldn’t be more perfect:

“Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future” – Gail Lumet Buckley

Thanks, Tayler. we love you so much.